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A Great Performance Requires UltraFocus™


A Great Performance Requires UltraFocus™

If you could jam a pair of home audio loudspeakers into your ears, this is what it would sound like! That's because the UltraFocus™ 6000 is the most advanced in-ear Active Noise Canceling headphone available. Unlike other ANC headphones, Polk has engineered an Optimized Active Tuning system that works in tandem with ANC technology to boost headphone performance into the realm of the astonishing. It creates an interior "soundstage" that is the closest you can get to the performance of a full-on home audio system. With two complementary noise canceling technologies, coupled with Polk’s high performance sound technology, the nearly weightless UltraFocus™ 6000 can really put you in “The Zone.” And with custom fitted in-ear silicone ear pieces, the UltraFocus™ 6000 feels much better than jamming home audio speakers into your ears.

UltraFocus™ 6000 Features:

• Ultra-high performance sound in a headphone, with focused details, full fidelity and deep bass.

• Battery-assisted Active Noise Canceling technology eliminates the distractions of the outside world (AAA battery included).

• Polk's exclusive Optimized Active Tuning takes advantage of ANC technology to improve the overall performance dynamics of UltraFocus™ headphones, significantly raising the bar for headphone performance (these headphones sound... incredible!).

• Smart sensing of exterior noise levels actually changes the frequency response of UltraFocus™ headphones, tuning out disruptions and tuning in better headphone performance. Polk ANC technology is capable of up to 15dB of extraneous noise cancellation!

• The Passive Isolation Technology of the sealed ear-canal design naturally minimizes outside distractions, boosts bass response.

• Superior materials technology, including durable stainless steel, lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, and virtually maintenance free padding, for years of extraordinary performance on the go, anywhere.

• Active Dynamic Balance driver of lightweight, durable PET material, in a sealed micro-enclosure, tuned and fitted to eliminate resonances with optimized damping. Active Dynamic Balance technology is an exclusive combination of active noise cancelling and our patented Dynamic Balance material tuning process.

• Feed Forward microphone feature allows you to experience outside sounds without interrupting your music or removing your ear buds.

• Easily Accessible In-Line Controller—Easy to use control of the volume and push-to-hear technology. Push-To-Hear Ambient Control—Mutes the audio and amplifies outside sounds so you can hear without removing the headphones.

• Ultra-flexible tangle-free planar audio cable eliminates the hassles of a tangled cable.

• StrainGuard™ Kevlar core technology and gold-plated connectors, and computer-designed transitional connections, eliminate the concept of cable failure.

• Included Ear Tips: [3] pairs of StayFit™ Silicone Tips (s/m/l), [2] pairs StayFit™ 3-Flange Silicone Tips (s/l), [2] pairs Memory Foam Tips (s/l).

• Gold-plated 3.5mm connector is designed to fit through the opening on all i-gadget cases.

• Extended battery life with normal use.

• Includes Home Audio Receiver Adaptor, Airplane Adaptor with specially designed attenuator to optimize airline system performance. Convenient carrying case included.

• Engineered for durability, performance & comfort, the UltraFocus™ Series is made with the most advanced materials and state-of-the-art headphone micro-technology. They will be the last pair of headphones you’ll ever need.


Technical Specifications
Max Sensitivity   115 dB
Minimum Impedance   16
Total Frequency Response   8Hz-25kHz
Included Accessories   Protective Case; Nokia® Connections Adaptor; Airline Adaptor; Shirt Clip; Owners Manual; Quick Start Guide
Parts Warranty   1 year
Labor Warranty   1 year
Headphone Specs
Type   Active Noise Canceling
Style   In-ear Canal
Type   Dynamic Balance
Diameter   13 3/5" (34.54cm)
Apple Remote   none
Push to Hear   n/a
Microphone   none
Input Connections   gold-plated 3.5 mm
Included Ear Tips   3 Pairs StayFit™ Silicone Ear Tips(S/M/L); 2 Pairs StayFit™ 3-Flange Silicone Ear Tips (S/L); 2 Pairs Memory Foam Ear Tips (S/L)
Included Cables   56-inch length
In the Box

Polk UltraFocus 6000 Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

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