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Portable music creation platform for iPhone and iPod touch


Portable music creation platform for iPhone and iPod touch

Download the PocketLoops app and dock your iPhone or iPod touch to create your own loops, remix them into full tracks and then upload them to share with friends.

App Enhanced


Record loops - Play your part and it will repeat until you stop it.
Create beats Lay down your perfect groove with a drum kit that matches your style. House, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae and more are included.
Play keys Express yourself using the 13 included synths, organs, pianos and more.


Record yourself - Give yourself a backing track with drums, bass and play a melody over the top, using one of the synths, pianos, organs or other included instruments.
Add effects - Make your tunes more dynamic with the 3 built-in effects, Echo, Chorus and the XY Filter Pad.


Share your best tracks with friends, straight from the app.


Create - Make your own beats and melodies with your iPhone or iPod touch
Remix - Be your own producer, mixing and recording your own tracks
Share - Send your best tracks to friends straight from the app

Technical Specifications N/A

• PocketLoops
• User manual
• 2 dock adapters for iPod / iPhone