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Wireless app-enhanced clock radio for iPod, iPhone and iPad


App-enhanced Clock Radio for iPod, iPhone and iPad

HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless is the ultimate bedroom speaker packed with both aptX Bluetooth and app-enhanced technology. Stream music wirelessly with advance audio coding, and seamlessly control every feature of the speaker from anywhere in the room. Its fabric curvature design and high-gloss finish adds a perfect finish to a complete home stereo experience.

Wireless enabled features for the Rise 2 include a dimmable LCD display designed for visibility, without keeping you awake at night. 12 / 24 hour alarm clock with optional wake-up from the classic buzzer sound, FM radio or music from your iPod. A rotary volume dial with full touch, snooze control provides additional functionality when controlling the speaker from the unit.

SmartLink Wireless

SmartLink Wireless is a FREE music / radio / alarm clock application for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Its designed to enhance the functionality and usability of your speaker, giving you full wireless control through your iOS device. SmartLink hosts a range of features including, animated weather display, customisable interfaces, auto-tune FM and much more.

App-enhanced with SmartLink Wireless

Complete Wireless Control:
Use an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to control the speaker from anywhere in your room, over Bluetooth. Pair your device with the speaker and launch the SmartLink Wireless app. Scroll through your iPod library, check this weeks weather, set your morning alarms and dim the speakers display, all from the comfort of your seat.
Animated Weather Display Wake-up knowing the weather:

Wake up knowing the weather. The SmartLink app provides you access to animated weather based on your geographical location. It displays up-to-date weather information, current temperatures and the high to low temperatures expected for that day. You can also take a glance at forecasted weather for the next five days, allowing you to plan for the week ahead.

Auto-Sync Time & Alarms Set your alarms, dock to sync:
Create and save alarms within the SmartLink app, whenever youre on the move. Simply dock your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad before getting into bed, launch SmartLink and your saved alarms will be synced with the speaker. Theres no excuse for being late to work.

Clock Display:
The SmartLink app offers you a flip clock or digital display, which can be used while playing music or FM radio. Alarm times are shown on the clock display and if your speaker does not include alarm clock functionality, SmartLink adds this feature. Create as many alarms as you need and choose to wake up to your favourite music, FM radio or changeable alarm sound.

FM Radio:
Auto-tune, save and organise your favourite stations. Automatically find all FM stations in your area with the press of a button. Your FM stations are stored within the app and can be reordered at will. You can also rename stations making it easier for you to switch between your preferred stations.

Dimmable Display Using Swipe Gestures:
Dont be disturbed by the bright night time glare. Swipe up or down between the alarms and clock display to adjust the brightness on your iOS device. This also adjusts the brightness on your speakers display, simultaneously.

Music Player:
SmartLink includes a built-in music player to access your entire iPod library. You can search for songs, browse playlists and even display album artwork in full screen, without closing the app.

Customisable Interface:
The SmartLink app features two display styles: Steel and Digital. Instantly switch from one style to another and personalise the way your speaker looks.

The Rise 2 Wireless comes complete with the latest in Bluetooth technology with aptX; the industries-leading standard for high quality, efficient audio delivery. This means streaming music over Bluetooth is indistinguishable from when your iPod, iPhone or iPad is docked. The advance audio coding provides instant delivery and lower power operation from your iOS device, with optimal performance.

Auto-Sync Time and Alarms
Dock your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch onto the HouseParty Rise and launch the SmartLink app. The time on the clock radio will automatically sync with that on your device, including synching any alarms already set-up within the SmartLink app. Set alarms on-the-go, wake with confidence.

Case Friendly Dock
Docking wells are a thing of the past. The Rise 2 comes with a universal dock which means a reinforced flexible connector and no more individual dock adaptors. You can also dock your iOS device with its case on. Hassle free docking: more time playing your music.

Line-in Port for Use with Other Music Players
Use the HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless with any music player with a 3.5mm jack. Enjoy your favourite music, movies or games from a Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet or Laptop by using a connecting a 3.5mm audio cable into the line-in port.

FM Radio
Tune and save and your favourite stations with the HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless. Scan for the nearest station with the press of a button and store as a pre-set. The Rise 2 can store up to 5 pre-sets so youll never forget a station.

iPad Charging / Playback
The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless is fully compatible with iPad and iPad 2. Made for iPad means the Rise 2 will quick charge your iPad and fully support playing music from your iPod library. You can also use the iPad optimised SmartLink Wireless app to control the functionality of the speaker.

USB Charging
You can use the HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless to charge any mobile device from the rear USB charging port. This is also handy if you have more than one iOS device in your home. Charge your iPhone on the dock and plug your iPod touch into the back of the speaker.

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• HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless

• Power Supply (UK & EU)
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• Back-up Battery