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Stereo headphones


A new, fun way to listen to your favourite music, the Earz headphones from GEAR4 feature five intergalactic heroes - each listening to their own personal colour-coded headphones as they fight evil on Earth and beyond.

Choose Your Character

The Earz team are ready for action! Each set of Earz headphones comes packed inside their own colourful character, listening intently to their personal colour-coded headphones for orders to fight evil across the universe. Choose the colour that matches your own style, or collect the full set for an unstoppable injustice-fighting team!

Great Sound and a Snug Fit

For the best listening experience on the move, GEAR4 knows that your comfort must be the utmost priority. That's why every element of the Earz headphones, from the positioning of the ear cups to the materials used, is considered to result in a secure and comfortable fit. This headphones feature a durable silicon finish and a 15mm driver designed to bring your favourite tunes to life.

There's a full range of Earz heroes to choose from, each with their own colour-coded headphones.

What Our Designer Says

“The EARZ team are an intergalactic squad of heroes fighting injustice wherever they find it in the Universe, while listening to their own personal playlists and following orders on their colour-coded EARZ team headphones!”

-Joe B., Headphones Category Manager

Technical Specifications

• 15 mm Drivers
• 1 metre cord
•Plug - gold plated 3.5 mm

In the Box

GEAR 4 Earz (Black - Sai)

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