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Sacrifice Noise. Not Style.


Our Over Ear Noise Canceling headphones are uniquely designed to enhance your musical experience while eliminating any distractions. Close your eyes for just a moment and let your iTunes take you to concerts all over the world, without the crowd. These headphones are specifically engineered to actively eliminate over 95% of ambient noise.

In order to deliver this superior sound quality, two microphones measure noise levels from inside the ear cup, while an additional two microphones measuring the level of ambient noise. Using this measurement generates a canceling signal, which effectively attenuates any interfering noise. This then delivers the effect of listening to your music in complete isolation.


4 way Active Noise Canceling up to 20dB
The Over Ear Wangs have been specially engineered to actively eliminate over 95% of ambient noise. Two microphones measure noise levels from inside the ear cup. An additional two microphones are used to measure ambient outside noise. Using these measurements, a canceling signal is generated, effectively attenuating any interfering noise. You'll be able to listen to your music in complete isolation.

You'll be glad you're flying with Fanny Wang
Don't let the music stop - Passthrough circuitry allows you to keep playing your music without battery power.
Share what you're listening to - Duo-Jack technology makes it easy for your friends to plug in and share your audio.
Don't over stuff your briefcase - Hardshell case with aluminum carabiner designed for travelers and people on the go.

Bass when you want it
Selectable bass boost switches on 6dB of rich, bone shaking bass.

Technical Specifications

• Powered Amp + 50mm dual plated drivers deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class
• Very Low Distortion
• Built in amp with selectable Bass Boost
• Up to 95% active noise canceling
• 4 way noise canceling dual feedback and feed forward for ultimate reduction
• Incredible range for all styles of music
• 1.2m cable
• DuoJack: built in, in-line headphone splitter
• iPhone, iPad and iPod ready with remote and mic
• Rigid foam carrying case
• Two AAA Batteries
• Pass through circuitry allows operation with dead batteries
• Comes with: Standard conversion plug, two AAA batteries, conversion plug for aircraft use
• Impedance: 32 ohms
• Sensitivity: 105 dB (power on)
• Frequency Response: 5- 28,000 HZ
• Battery life (may vary): 48 hours

• Fanny Wang 3000 Series Over Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones - White