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BUQU Pina - Pineapple Power Bank - Yellow




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USB Power Bank, 1.5x Extra Battery, 3350mAh


Pina is the most stylish pineapple power bank we've ever made! It's a must have fashion accessory for anyone that digs cute phone chargers and it comes in both yellow and turquoise. The powerful 3,350 mAH rechargeable battery provides plenty of extra juice to ensure your phone lasts all day long! This power bank will charge iPhone or Android phones and tablets at the fastest rate possible. Stay charged up and look stylish with a pineapple power bank from BUQU!

3,350mAh Battery 12W Quick Charge Clip it
Provides up to 1.5X extra battery life with most smartphones Safely charges smartphones and tablets at the fastest rate possible Clip it where you want it so it's there when you need it
Technical Specifications N/A

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